Kirby Morgan 505-100 Neck Ring Assembly for SuperLite® 27 Diving Helmet

10 units available in stock

Now only: € 690,00

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Stanley UW Impact Wrench, IW16 (IW16350)
1"sqr 26-45L/min OC Underwater CE - Torque 680-3400Nm
Now only: € 3.204,00
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Stanley UW Hammer Drill, HD45 (HD4531001)
HAMMER DRILL 21kg Hex SKIL736  26-34L/min OC CE Underwater
Trigger lock - Reverse rotation
Now only: € 2.846,00
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Stanley UW Impact Drill, ID07 (ID0792001)
IMPACT DRILL 1/2"sqr 15-45L/min OC/CC 670Nm max CE
Trigger guard Underwater


Now only: € 1.138,00
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Stanley UW Impact Wrench, IW12 (IW1234001)
IMPACT WRENCH 3/4"sqr 15-45L/min OC Underwater CE - Torque 340-1630Nm


Now only: € 2.164,00
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Stanley UW Chain Saw, CS11 (CS113NO001)
CHAIN SAW no bar (< 109cm) 38-53L/min OC/CC Underwater CE
Now only: € 2.343,00
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Stanley UW Grinder, GR29 (GR2930101)
ANGLE GRINDER Arbor 16mm (5/8"-11) 15-38L/min
2700rpm Disc 23cm (9") CE Underwater


Now only: € 1.967,00
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Stanley UW Chipping Hammer, CH15 (CH1533101)
CHIPPING HAMMER 7,2kg - Oval collar 30L/min CE Underwater


Now only: € 1.845,00
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Stanley Cut-Off Saw (dry-use), CO25 (CO2514101)
CUT-OFF SAW Disc 35cm CCW shaft 25,4mm (1") 26-34L/min CE

Now only: € 1.850,00
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